Neuse River waterdog - closeup of headReptiles & Amphibians

Neuse River Waterdog
Necturus lewisi

Cold weather and near-freezing water temperatures stimulate Neuse River Waterdogs to find mates. These aquatic salamanders hide under rocks and in holes during warm weather, when predatory fish are active. Neuse River Waterdog, or Carolina mudpuppy - photo by Ken Taylor, NC WildlifeA species of special concern in North Carolina, the seven- to ten-inch amphibians live only in the Neuse and Tar River basins. Why do they live in such a restricted range? Museum researchers discovered that Neuse River Waterdogs have a different number of chromosomes from other waterdogs, and are biochemically different. Because of their sensitivity to low oxygen and polluted waters, they’re found in relatively clean, flowing streams that don’t dry up during droughts.

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