Leopard Frog closeup of skinReptiles & Amphibians

southern leopard frog
Rana sphenocephala utricularia

leopard frogIf you’re walking by a pond this spring in the southeast, notice the frogs that leap into the water when startled and make a sharp turn, resurfacing in vegetation near the water's edge— they’re probably Southern Leopard Frogs. The two-to three-inch frogs don’t mind being on land and the adults may travel far from water looking for food. Tadpoles emerge in winter and spring, so be on the lookout for these critters, which can live any place with clean water, including cities. You might hear male Southern Leopard Frogs send out a mating call that sounds a lot like rubbing an inflated balloon. These jumpy amphibians are named for the round, brown spots all over their backs and legs.

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