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North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences - Home Yellowstone in Winter

Yellowstone National Park
Wyoming & Montana, USA

Thursday, January 14–Tuesday, January 19, 2010

snow-covered bisonMost Recent Daily Journal

For more than 10 years, the Museum has offered field experiences in Yellowstone National Park to educators. These educators have been inspired by Yellowstone's charismatic wildlife, remarkable geology, majestic landscape and conservation leadership.

While Yellowstone in the summer is phenomenal, Yellowstone in the winter is a truly unique experience. Snow blankets the landscape, steam fills the air in the geyser basins and wildlife struggles for survival. The relative lack of crowds makes it feel like this special place is revealing its secrets to only our group.

Mike Leonard, an educator who has traveled to Yellowstone with the Museum in both summer and winter, says,

Yellowstone in the summer changed my life and teaching direction. Revisiting in the winter was like going back to an old friend’s house when all the ‘guests’ have gone home and you get to sit in the den and have long quiet conversations with the residents.

Experience the majesty of Yellowstone by reading journals and viewing photos submitted by participants since 2006.