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Daily Journal

Sunday, January 17, 2010

fog over Lamar RiverOur day began with a sunrise ride to Lamar Valley viewing bison, Elk, Golden Eagles and Bighorn Sheep scattered on the snow-covered slopes — a wonderful way to start the day. The winter scenery of the valley impressed us as the sun gently rose, casting its warmth on the cold slopes and encouraging the fog to lift from the frozen river. A highlight of the day was an exhilarating hike along the Lamar River in knee-high snow with two bison 100 yards away and the aroma of sagebrush around us.

Our afternoon continued with a visit to a one-room schoolhouse in Cooke City with five students and one amazing teacher. The fun continued with a snowshoeing expedition during which we experienced amazing views of the Absaroka Mountains. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with wildlife photographers Dan and Cindy Hartman at their gallery, where we had an unexpected visitor, a Pine Marten!

grey wolvesAs we took one last look through Little America in hopes of seeing wolves, otters or some of the many other native animals that make up the community of Yellowstone Park, our highest expectations were met when we heard the call of the wild — wolves! Grey Wolves, in their magnificent splendor, graciously shared their land and crescent moon with us at dusk.

It was truly a surreal Sunday filled with renewed spirits as we absorbed the sage- and snow-covered landscape of the tall mountains of Yellowstone.

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