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Daily Journal

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Earth Mother sent forth elements of life that presented themselves as light-catching frost crystals and moisture-altered visions. As the geysers spoke to us with gurgles and a pulsing bass, the surrounding sights called forth our inner spirits.

bald eagleA lot of times we think of winter as a time of sleep or death. But in the icy cold there is life. We watched eagles soar over the Firehole River and Coyotes pounce into the snow to catch their prey. A pair of Snipe used their long bills to forage in the mud for food and Trumpeter Swans tucked their heads under their wings to rest.

bursting mud bubbleThe bubbling mud of Fountain Paint Pots reminded us of the playful spirit of children. But you wouldn’t want to make mudpies with this mud — it’s extremely hot, as acidic as battery acid, and it would burn your hands off! However, the splatters presented some fun and interesting shapes — a bobble head, a bat flying out of a cave and dragon heads!

We are reminded to live our lives with a sense of wonder.

Q & A for January 16

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