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2010 Q & A

January 14, 2010

How many different types of birds did you see today?

Kailey & Wes, Rosman Elementary, Transylvania Co.

Even though we’ve only been here for one afternoon, we’ve already seen a variety of birds. Along the Yellowstone River we had good views of Barrow’s Goldeneyes. We saw Bald and Golden Eagles, Ravens and Magpies. Magpies are kind of like crows out here in the west.

Did you see anything you didn’t expect?

Mr. Potter’s 4th grade class, Nags Head Elementary, Dare Co.

We saw a Coyote walking down the road. It approached a car, perhaps looking for a meal. That might be a sign it has been fed by people, which is against park rules because it is not good for the wildlife. While walking a trail at Blacktail Plateau, we came across evidence of a recent kill — tracks, blood, fur, urine and maybe some organs. The tracks led us to believe the predator was a Coyote. We’re still not sure what the prey was.

How many layers of clothes do you wear each day to stay warm?

Marrissa & Alex, Rosman Elementary, Transylvania Co.

When we first arrived it was 35°F, which seemed pretty warm after the recent cold spell in North Carolina. Most of us only had one or two layers on. As the day progressed, the wind picked up and it got quite chilly! On our afternoon walk, many of us wore three layers: an inner thermal layer, fleece and a coat. In addition, hats, neck gaiters, gloves and boots were a must to stay warm!


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