Prairie Ridge Homeschool Day Registration Form
April 15, 2013
9 am–noon

Please print this form, fill it out, and mail along with your check to:

Barbara Beaman
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
11 West Jones St.
Raleigh, NC 27601-1029

A completed registration form and check for payment are necessary to register for Prairie Ridge Homeschool Day, April 15, 2013. Forms are due at the Museum by 5 pm on Wednesday, April 10. Forms may be dropped off at the Museum’s front desk downtown.

  • No registration accepted after 5pm on Wednesday, April 10, 2013
  • One family per form.
  • Limited space is available. Families admitted on a first come, first served basis.

If this event is canceled due to weather, your checks will be returned to you.

Questions? Email

Parent's Name ______________________________________________________________________________

Participating Parent's Name ____________________________________________________________________

Home Address ______________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________ State __________ Zip _____________________

Phone (home) ____________________________   E-mail* ___________________________________________
*Confirmation & other information will be emailed to you.

Child's Name Grade/Age Program #

Category Number Registering Fee/each Total Fees
Adults   $5.00  
Ages 10 and up   $5.00  
Children ages 7–9   $5.00  
Children ages 4–6   $5.00  
Children less than 4 years old   $0.00  
Total Amount Enclosed  

Please make checks payable to Friends of the Museum