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2010 Daily Journal

June 26, 2010

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A wandering journey over mountain, valley, city and sierra led us into the clouds. We awoke to a cacophony of chirps, whistles and smells of the cloud forest. After two days of non-stop action, we took a moment to breathe and begin a day of reflection at the Bellavista Cloud Forest Hotel.

Toucan BarbetHearty souls met at 6:30 am for a bird walk led by our good-natured host David. To begin our walk, we paused to observe a multitude of hummingbirds, wrens, Golden Tanagers, Turquoise Jays, and the incredible Toucan Barbet.

Golden Rain OrchidAlong the way David talked with us about the diversity of the cloud forest. One showy plant was the Golden Rain Orchid.

After concluding a short hummingbird activity, individuals were given a chance to choose their own path to connect with the environment and each other. The choices were as unique as the participants. The forms of reflection included art, journaling, hiking and group interaction.

This day gave us a chance to be in the moment and appreciate the space and quiet we were afforded by being disconnected from technology and our general routine. This allowed each person to fully take in and focus on the sounds and experiences all around us. We discovered that the land is in us and we are part of the land.

—Anna Sorin, Jeannie Noble, Jose Suarez

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