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2010 Daily Journal

June 24, 2010

2010 Itinerary
2010 Meet the Team

When our eyes opened this morning, we remembered that we were in Ecuador. After a hearty breakfast including babaco juice we were introduced to the two newest members of our group, Jose and Elsi. Following introductions, we walked to the Heifer International office. Rosa, the director, explained how Heifer helps Ecuadorians develop sustainable food systems and food sovereignty, and advocates for government policy that supports small farms. Before we left the Heifer office, we assembled our teaching boxes to send to the coast for our workshop at the school in Sitio Nuevo.

Falconry Demonstration featuring "Gringo" the Bald EagleOn the way to our next adventure, we had the chance to explore and take photos along the equator. A winding bus route then took us to Otavalo where we visited the Parque Condor. This raptor rehabilitation park had many awe-inspiring birds, including Harpy Eagles, Andean Condors, Pacific Pigmy Owls (the smallest owls in the world) and Spectacled Owls. The highlight of this adventure was when the owner of the park treated us to a falconry demonstration. The majestic Bald Eagle, “Gringo,” soared and responded to the falconers commands for the treat of a day-old chick head.

Girl in Otavalo marketAfter the park we checked into the Indio Inn and shopped at the world-famous Otavalo market. We concluded a busy day with a group meeting and a delicious dinner at Sisa and some live entertainment from Metizo, a local band from Otavalo. We especially enjoyed the atmosphere and our treat of bebida de naranjillo, a local drink made from citrus fruit. We are greatly anticipating what tomorrow holds in store for us.

—Carly Albee, Sara Cathey, Angie Strode

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