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2008 Q & A

Wednesday, June 18

What is the sustainable farming system Heifer International is using to help the people of Ecuador?

Thursday, June 19

What are some of the weather patterns of Ecuador that you have experienced?

Friday, June 20

What were the first sights, sounds, and smells that made you realize you were in Ecuador?

Saturday, June 21

What types of flowers do you see and what colors are they?

Is culture more important to Ecuadorians than Americans?

Have you met families that have recieved a cow from Heifer International?  Do they use it for the beef or the dairy?

Sunday, June 22

In some countries a certain type of dress code is required. Have you seen this in Ecuador?

Monday, June 23

What food are you eating, specifically what types of Ecuadorian food? What does guinea pig (cuy) taste like?

Tuesday, June 24

What types of reptiles are there? Can you name some of the snakes that are found in Ecuador?

Wednesay, June 25

What are two of the most beautiful animals you have seen? Which animals have you found to be the most interesting?

Where can the Blue Footed Booby be found?

What types of plants were in the medicinal plant garden you visited and how are they used?

What crafts do they make in Montecristi other than Panama hats?

What kind of fish do they use for breeding?

Thursday, June 26

How do you communicate with the people of the towns that you visit? What is their sentiment towards having you there?

Has the slump in the US economy had any trickle down effects in the country of Ecuador?