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2009 Daily Log

08/12/09 – Media Day


Today was “media day,” during which we invited media and special guests out to the ship to learn more about our work. Our hope is that they will help share the story of our research and why it is important. We had several folks from the South Atlantic Marine Fisheries Council (Kim Iverson, Myra Brouwer, and Council member Ben Hartig) as well representatives from NOAA (Jennifer Schull and Jocelyn Karazsia ). In addition to newspaper reporters from the Orlando Sentinel and the Daytona Beach News, we had Brian Skoloff, an AP reporter, and Kerry Sanders, NBC Nightly News Correspondent.

Dr. Murry Roberts talks with media and special guestsEveryone arrived around 11:30 am, just in time to watch us unload the last of the samples from the bio box on the front of the submersible. After lunch, our guests took a tour which highlighted several of the ship’s features, such as the bridge and the cold room, as well as all the different areas of research on board. In addition to giving tours of the science areas, all of the researchers we eager to share their findings and experiences at sea. Around 4 pm, everyone got in position to get their “best shot” of the submersible launch — Art on top of the A-frame, Kerry Sanders and his photographer on the tender (a small boat launched from the Seward Johnson), and other journalists in PFDs (lifejackets, not file types) standing near the stern of the submersible. The sky was clear, the seas were flat, and the launch went without a hitch.

We are looking forward to seeing what comes of the media's visit, and are dependent upon folks back at home to record the NBC Nightly News on Thursday, August 13th (we don’t get any television reception out here). Hopefully we will get electronic versions of what comes out in print. Our work really happens, and we are pleased that so many people will have a chance to “see” what we are doing.

Watch NBC's Kerry Sanders' August 13 report about the research being done by scientists aboard the Seward Johnson.

Go to MSNBC's The Daily Nightly blog entry Off the coast of Cape Canaveral to learn more about Kerry Sanders' visit to the Seward Johnson.

08/12/09 - Q & A

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