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2009 Daily Log

08/11/09 – Can you see us now?


There has long been a philosophical question, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one can hear it, did it really happen?" For us, the question becomes, “If science goes on in the ocean and no one can see it, does it really happen?”

This team of researchers puts a lot of effort into making certain that everyone can “see” our work, by sending daily logs to the Museum’s Web site, to the USGS’s site, Discovre, and to the Revealing the Deep group on Facebook. The researcher team has allotted two berths for education and outreach, a significant percentage of the 16 slots allotted for the science team. During this first mission, Liz Baird, from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and Art Howard, of ARTWORK, are responsible for heading the team’s education and outreach goals. Liz and Art are working to gather images and stories for the Museums’ new wing, the NRC. In the NRC there will be an exhibit that is modeled after the Johnson-Sea-Link, where visitors will be able to enter the simulated submersible and experience a recreated submersible dive. Additionally, Art is using a fish eye lens to shoot video, which we hope will be used in the NRC’s immersion theater.

To further spread the word about the important work being carried out by the research team, a “Media Day” has been planned for Wednesday. Several reporters and special guests will be brought out to the ship, so that they can witness firsthand the work being done on R/V Seward Johnson.

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