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2009 Daily Log

08/05/09 – Getting Onboard

Meet the 2009 Team

Have you ever packed for a trip and thought, “Well, if I forgot something, I’ll just stop along the way and buy it somewhere?” That logic does not apply when you are packing for a trip at sea — there are no shopping centers in the Gulf Stream!

Today the science team gathered from near (North Carolina, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Florida) and far (Scotland). Along with their personal gear, they brought literally truckloads of gear: fish traps bigger than the back of a pick-up; equipment stored in crates so big and heavy they had to be lifted with cranes; spools of line; camera gear; computer components; wooden crates of electronics; and boxes, boxes and more boxes of collection containers.

lab space on Seward Johnson before it got organizedAll of the gear had to be loaded, organized and stowed in such a way that it will be safe, yet accessible, while we’re at sea. We used bungee cords and zip-ties to strap items down. Whenever possible, we tucked supplies into clearly labeled drawers and cabinets. Of course, all the containers that were used to carry the gear had to be stored as well. They were hauled to large metal sheds on deck. It was amazing to witness the transformation of “controlled chaos” into a working lab.

The Seward Johnson is scheduled to sail Thursday morning and we hope to have our first dive in the afternoon. We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. “Beneath the Blue,” the movie created for the Museum about our previous Life on the Edge missions, has been uploaded on Facebook at the Revealing the Deep group site. This award winning production captures the essence of our research project.

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