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2005 Daily Log

11/03/05 - Ft. Pierce, Florida


Jennie packs up wet lab It's Thursday morning and the R/V Seward Johnson is heading into port at Ft. Pierce, Florida. The mission is over and everyone is busy packing up samples and equipment. Computers are being stored in their cases and books, samples, and equipment are being packed and stacked for offloading. Soon there will be no trace that the people living on this ship for the past three weeks were ever here. Everyone is busy and excited to be returning to dry land. Our lives and families that have been on hold for so many weeks are now top priority. The crew and scientists are burning up the airwaves with cell phone calls that they can finally make and are talking to home and family. Once in port, we will all work together to get vehicles packed for the drive back to Wilmington, North Carolina. Then we will explore Ft. Pierce in the afternnon and evening. Plans are for the research team to leave for Wilmington Friday morning.

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