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2005 Daily Log

10/25/05 - A day in Charleston


After sleeping in again on Tuesday morning, we had a relaxing breakfast followed by a brief science team meeting. We were told that we were going to be in port until Wednesday morning because of Wilma’s passing and the rough seas in her wake.

Due to the change in schedule, everyone on board was granted some unexpected rest and relaxation. The ship’s crew had the rare opportunity to get off the ship and spend some time walking around on terra firma, as well as take a brief break in their duties. The science crew was perhaps less enthusiastic about the down time—it places them behind in their research—but took the change in schedule in stride. The morning was spent catching up on documenting research done so far, and after lunch, we all took the opportunity to explore Charleston. We piled into cabs and were dropped off near the market. Some people explored on their own, while others went off in groups. Most of the science team met later in the evening for dinner and then returned to the ship to get some rest in preparation for Wednesday morning's departure.

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