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2005 Questions & Answers


Several people want to know if Hurricane Wilma has changed the mission plan of Life on the Edge 2005.
Hurricane Wilma slowed us down. When a scientific mission like this one goes out to sea, each available minute is used for research. Teams work in shifts so that research can go on around-the-clock. Because of the hurricane, we lost eight sub dives and three nights of sampling. This will cause the research teams to reprioritize the dives that are left and drop one or more of our sampling locations from the mission plan.

Katie from Carteret county wonders if you have noticed any trends in collecting, such as more or less of a certain species present than in past years or any new and unusual specimens.
Both, actually! We have seen more of the same species that we have seen during past missions and have found new and different species. We have seen some echinoderms and crustaceans that we have not seen before as well as some different types of fish.

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