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2004 Daily Log  

06/08/04 - We are finally under way!

  "We were once more upon the ocean, where sky and water meet"
—Richard Henry Dana

Location: Harbor, Ft. Pierce, Florida
Time: 3:00 pm  
Lat: 27° 26.8 min N
Long: 80° 19.5 min W

2004 research team - click to enlargeMany of the researchers arrived last night and spent Monday night aboard the R/V Seward Johnson from the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution in Ft. Pierce, Florida. It was great to be able to get our personal gear stowed, and begin the process of setting up the "dry lab" with the computers and the "wet lab" with the photography and collection equipment. We continued to assemble gear, set up laptops and unload materials from the various trucks and trailers throughout the day.

We bring on board an incredible variety and quantity of gear. Nets, trawls, and traps are loaded by crane while computers, laptops, video decks and cameras are hand carried on board. Not only do we have to set everything up, we also have to lash it down so that it does not shift or fall if seas get rough.

Finally, we pulled out of the dock at 3 pm, and started steaming out of the harbor. We took a group photo and had our science meeting. We talked about our goals for the cruise and our responsibilities during our watches. This collaborative effort brings together scientists from UNC-Wilmington (UNCW), US Geological Survey (USGS), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), the Museum, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). When we went outside to eat dinner the land had disappeared from view and we were surrounded by ocean water. Later this evening we will have our safety briefing with the captain, and then our submersible operations meeting. We plan to be on our first study site around 11 pm. We should spend most of the night doing sonar work to determine the best location for our first sub dive.

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