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2004 Research Data  



date Date: 06/13/04
time Time: 8:01 am
latitude/longitude Latitude/Longitude: 31° 49.1 minutes N
77° 36.7 minutes W
ocean depth Ocean Depth: 687.9 m
2257 ft
depth of equipment Depth of Equipment: 687.9 m
2257 ft
temperature Water Temperature at Equipment Depth: 12.2°C
wind speed/direction Wind Speed and Direction: 16.8 knots from 133 degrees
seas Conditions: 5 ft choppy swells, hazy skies

Equipment Used: Submersible

Description of Catch: Bathynectes crabs, urchins, starfish, anemones, soft coral, Lophelia.

Other observations: The recovery of the sub was a little bit difficult because the seas became rougher during the dive.