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2003 Daily Log  

08/19/03 - Thunder & Troubleshooting

Last night we made it to the proposed MPA site and spent most of the night putting nets and trawls in the water. Activity was halted between 11:30 p.m. and 4 a.m. because of a storm with lightning, but when the sun rose the seas were beginning to calm down.

map of dive sites from 8/18 and 19 - click to enlargeThe morning sub dive got off to a slow start. We have been having problems with the digital camera attached to the front of the sub. It has not been communicating with the laptop inside the sub that is used to control the camera. We got everyone squared away in the sub and the A-frame lifted off the deck of the ship, but before it could be lowered in the water the scientist on board figured out that there was a problem. So the sub was brought back on deck. The technical folks spent about 30 minutes trying to determine the cause of the problem, but were unable to fix it, so the sub dive focused on collecting video footage rather than still images.

The scientists reported seeing many different species of fish, including grouper, reef butterflyfish and big eyes.

In between sub dives we tried fishing with hook and line off the stern. No one caught anything that way. Then we put a Boston Whaler over the side and sent three folks out to fish. Unfortunately they did not catch anything before having to head back to the ship.

The sub went down for the afternoon dive around 4 p.m. It is returning to the area in the MPA to get more video footage and to try to collect some samples.

08/19/03 Research Data

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