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2003 Daily Log

08/16/03 - We are off!


We set off about 2 pm and are steaming towards our first dive destination. The weather appears to be "iffy" so we might end up heading farther north than we had planned.

Before departing we helped host an open house on board ship for about 200 students from the Charleston area. Scientists from the "Charleston Bump": cruise showcased their research. The kids also got to see the bridge where the captain mans the helm. The highlight for many was seeing the 14 ton submersible up close although standing in the cold room after being out in the hot sun was also a treat.

This morning Doni Angell, Educator at Sea, Martha Nizinski, invertebrate specialist, and Liz Baird, Museum educator, were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour at the South Carolina Aquarium. They hoped to see some of the species they might encounter during their mission. They were amazed by the juvenile porcupinefish (Diodon sp.) and moon jellies. The aquarium also serves as the rehabilitation center for adult and juvenile sea turtles. Not only did they meet an adult loggerhead turtle which had recently undergone surgery, they were also able to watch three juveniles from an observation platform over a tank.

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