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2002 Daily Log

08/15/02 - Final Log

Islands in the Stream 2002 ended with a terrific final sub dive on 8/15 and then it was time to begin packing up boxes for transport back to the lab on the mainland. All of the specimens were in jars with labels indicating where and when they were collected. Those jars were then placed into boxes by categories such as "sub dive," "trawl" or "dip net." Keeping everything sorted makes it much easier to keep track of back at the lab.

After packing up all of the gear we had some time to pack up our personal belongings. In some ways it was easier to organize our things because we would be pulling into port in Charleston rather than transferring at sea onto a small ship. We did not have to wrap everything in plastic bags! The Seward Johnson steamed towards Charleston through the night and after breakfast we were able to get our first look at land.

Our trip into port was very different from our trip out to sea. The ocean was calm. We were able to see all of the buoys and markers indicating the channel. Many of us were looking forward to seeing our family and friends on shore but sad about leaving the blue water, bright skies and terrific people we had enjoyed during our eleven day mission.

Now we begin to carefully study all of the specimens that we brought back, and try to answer some of the questions that were generated as we learned more about the unique habitats off the coast of the Carolinas. We hope to continue this research next year and hope that you will be able to follow along again. Thanks for participating with us during Islands in the Stream 2002.

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