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2002 Daily Log

08/04/02 - Greetings

We depart Raleigh this afternoon for the five hour drive to Charleston. The Seward Johnson is out at sea and we will being catching the Carolina Clipper from Shem Creek at 4 am for an "at sea" transfer on Monday. Luckily most of our 2 tons of gear was delivered (by car!) to the Seward Johnson while she was at port in Florida. That gear includes nets, lines, trawls, specimen containers and other lab equipment. We will still be carrying lots of sensitive gear such as laptops, the High Definition camera, and digital imaging equipment. When the Carolina Clipper gets close to the Seward Johnson a small boat will be lowered overboard. All of our luggage and gear will be wrapped in big garbage bags and placed in the boat for a quick ride across the open water. The garbage bags help protect everything from the salt spray. The research team will not be wearing garbage bags but will be wearing life jackets! After everything is stowed and organized we will steam to our first study area, a spot called "The Steeples" near 33° 13 minutes North and 77° 16 minutes West. If we get there at night we will start lowering nets immediately. If we arrive during daylight we will prepare to send the sub down!

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