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2002 Daily Log  

08/09/02 - Back in action

(2:59 am)

Finally, a chance to do some work! We have chosen to anchor behind Cape Lookout in hopes of avoiding some of the swells and winds in the open ocean (34 degrees 34 minutes N, 76 degrees, 48 minutes W). We started nightlighting off the stern around 11:15 pm. We put bright lights up on the stern and along the sides to attract the fish, and then we used long-handled dip nets to try and scoop the fish out of the water.

Our plan is to "stick our nose out" around the Cape in the morning. If it looks fair, we will steam to the Lophelia Banks. If it is still rough, we will find a place to explore back here in Onslow Bay.

(5:38 pm)

Finally, a day to do some work! We awoke to blueberry pancakes and watched the lights of Atlantic Beach on the western horizon. We then set sail towards the northeast looking for calm seas. As we headed out to sea, a group of dolphins swam with us. They spent about an hour riding in our bow wave, cutting beneath the hull, and leaping out of the water alongside us as we moved along. We saw long lines of sargassum and even spotted a small loggerhead turtle (about 3 inches long) paddling frantically. When we got far enough out, we started putting out Neuston nets and actually began catching things! Everyone was glad to have some work to do.

Unfortunately, it was still too rough to put the sub down, but we have stayed busy with other tasks. The seas do appear to be calming down and we hope to continue putting out nets through the night. We are hoping to put the sub down in the morning.

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