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Q: How can private citizens become actively involved in supporting the work that your group is doing?

A: When we posed this question to one scientist, he said, "Sell your house and move inland." He was partially joking, of course, but his point was that your actions can impact the environment around you. The best type of support is to stay informed and think about the ways your actions contribute to the health of the environment.

As citizens, you need to carefully choose where you spend your money, both in terms of the environmental groups you support and the commercial industries you patronize. Do you choose to buy a product from a company that practices sustainable use of our natural resources, or do you purchase products from companies that have been cited for pollution violations? Do you check out the record of the environmental groups you support, or do you simply send money?

You have voices that need to be heard in the political arena. Contact your elected officials about issues that concern you, whether they are occurring in your own backyard or across the planet. Elected officials base their decisions on what they hear from their constituents. When you are of voting age, make the time to study the issues and then vote.

The best way to support this work is to stay informed and make wise choices.

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