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Questions & Answers

Q: From what we have read in the log entries, you seem to be eating a lot of seafood while you are on the boat. Is that all you eat? Do you ever eat anything that you catch?

A: We have wonderful food on board. Our cook Bobbi, and her assistant cook Leslie, are remarkable in the way that they plan our meals and provision the ship. Yesterday we had homemade cinnamon rolls at breakfast, homemade pizza (with artichokes, pine nuts, basil, and mushrooms!) for lunch, and beef stroganoff for dinner. There are always leftovers, snacks, and ice cream available. We have coffee, tea, lemonade, and juices to drink. Last year, we used rod and reel to catch some fish. We took tissue samples for the research and ate what was left. The cooks set up a grill on the deck (obviously the seas were flat!) and we grilled whatever we wanted. Captain Ralph jokes that he has to fire the cook every day because her food is too good and we will all come back needing to buy larger clothes!

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