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Belize WebQuest - Day #1

A visit to The Howler Monkey Sanctuary

You depart Raleigh-Durham International Airport and arrive in Belize City. When you step off the plane you encounter a wall of thick, hot humid air. The temperature difference between Raleigh and Belize City today is only two degrees but the change in humidity is tremendous. You soon adjust, however, and meet Nathan Forbes, our Belizean bus driver and nature guide. You board the bus and head northwest to the Howler Monkey Sanctuary. When you reach the sanctuary you are greeted by Fallet Young, the museum manager, and Robert Panton, a local farmer who works part-time as a tour guide for the Community Baboon Sanctuary.

Fun Facts about Howler Monkeys

After you read the article in the above link, click on the best answer to the question below:

Question #1

What behavior can you observe when you come upon a troop of howler monkeys?

The howlers all scamper down the trees to be fed by the visitors.
The howlers try to urinate on the visitors and throw "poo poo" at the people below.
The howlers all stop eating, howl, and threaten the visitors until they leave.
The dominant male climbs down and will not allow the visitors to pass until the troop has moved out of sight, then he quickly disappears and joins them in the trees.