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Conservation of Migratory Birds

Grade Level: 6-8

Author: Doreen Tylak, Winston-Salem, NC


Many birds that we see in the U.S. live in the tropical rainforests during our winter. As rainforests are cut down, those birds lose their winter homes. This has caused a decrease in some bird populations. Some of these migratory birds are precious songbirds. Others are insect-eaters, which benefit the U.S. farmer tremendously by devouring insect pests.


Through research and discussion, the student will recognize a relationship between organisms and the environment. The student is expected to:

  • illustrate bird migration between the U.S. and Belize.
  • identify three migratory birds and the environment necessary for their survival.
  • describe current conservation issues in Belize affecting bird life.
  • report how birds in the U.S. have been impacted by changes in their environment in Belize


The student will use a website resource list to locate information on the topics outlined above.


The student will successfully complete website research by writing a report containing information on the topics outlined above.

Website Resources:

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