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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sharon kayaking at South Water CayeOn our last full day in Belize, we started the morning with an ocean kayaking adventure. After breakfast, we visited Carrie Bow Island, which is home to the Smithsonian’s marine research facility. We had the privilege of meeting the scientists in their lab and learning more about their research on coral larvae. After leaving the lab, we took a short boat ride to Twin Cayes, which is made of a mangrove forest. We noticed that the water was not as clear as it was in the coral reef and it was also much cooler. We quickly learned that the mangroves are best described as a nursery. We saw lots of Upside-down Jellyfish, Sergeant Majors, baby Barracuda, baby snapper and lots of larval fish that were too small for us to identify their species.

After exploring the mangroves, we came back to Southwater Caye for lunch and for our last afternoon snorkel on the coral reef. The current was much stronger this afternoon, and it was a great workout trying to get the group back to shore. After making preparations for our journey back home tomorrow, we met as a group for one last night of Belize memories. We enjoyed dinner together and a night of music and dancing in the cool ocean breezes.

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