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Monday, July 26, 2010

Our first full day at South Water Caye started in the usual fashion, with an early morning birdwalk. Right off the bat, we observed a Lemon Shark in the same waters we planned to snorkel later! We found an odd small blue disk, which we learned was a Blue Button (Porpita porpita), a relative of the Portuguese Man-of-War.

Betsie snorkelingOn our first off-shore snorkel, a great variety of colorful fish and coral were found. Some participants came across a Moon Jellyfish (Aurerlia aurita) with a small school of silver fish inside. After lunch we hit the water again — first stop, Bird Island, a rookery for Magnificent Frigatebirds. We were excited to see the fluffy white babiy birds! Next it was off to Tobacco Range where the diversity of fish and coral was fantastic, although the currents were much stronger there. A huge stingray was spotted, along with several small Yellow Stingrays and a group of five barracuda. As the group was ready to leave, the battery on the boat died but a quick call to the Belizean AAA and we were on our way again. (Just kidding, it was a friend on a neighboring caye!) We are enjoying the seaside cabanas and are looking forward to night snorkeling tonight after a delicious lobster dinner!

Written by Lou Skrabec, Kelli Charles and Martha Flanagan

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