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Daily Journal

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last night we took a hike under the full moon to see what nocturnal creatures we would encounter. While standing in the murky pond water, the group caught several red-eyed tree frogs, a cat-eyed snake, and watched our guide, Nathan, catch a Paraque! We also spent three minutes in total darkness in the pond a bit frightening for some, given that we had just encountered that snake!

Sharon and a student from Monkey RiverThis morning we woke up early and traveled to Monkey River, holding our collective breaths as we drove through an area of flooded road. We made it through successfully and contiuned on our way to Monkey River. The Museum has been a supporter of the school here at Monkey River Town for many years and we had the opportunity today to visit the school and learn about their current activities and future projects. We all made many friends during our visit and had fun doing many activities and dancing the hokey-pokey with the awesome students at Monkey River.

We ended our visit with a delicious dinner at sunset and had a special treat made by Earnese's aunt, Coconut Crust. Yummmmm!

Written by Martha Flanagan, Kelli Charles and Lou Skrabec

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