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Daily Journal

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 2 of discovery
We started out strong
With grasshoppers and singing birds,
We couldn’t go wrong.

Then on to the caves
An adventurous hike
By bus, then by foot
We’ll be tired tonight!

Swimming at Rio OnThrough Rio Frio Cave
It was huge and immense
Then dipped in the falls
To have fun with our friends

The pools, they welcomed us
But the skies were dark
We dove on in
To nature’s waterfall park.

All clean and refreshed,
We headed back for the night,
We ate dinner and visited
Then did a night hike.

Some local children joined us
For dinner tonight
And charmed us with dances
and other delights.

Written by Amy Jordan, Bill Toth, Lisa Garris, Ernease Cuevas

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