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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Itinerary
2010 Meet the Team

3:00 am came early! Our team met at the airport, passports in hand, tummies twitching. The adventure was about to begin. After a long plane ride, we finally began to spy the coral blue water that welcomed us to Belize.

We hit the ground running! Our first stop was a local park where we encountered a hummingbird or two, an honest to goodness Cashew Tree and three curious local boys climbing trees.

baby howler monkeyFrom there, it was off to the Communtiy Baboon Sancutary. Here we got our first taste of the heat and the mosquitoes. After applying liberal amounts of sunblock and bug spray, we tromped into the forest behind a local guide in search of the Black Howler Monkey. The first animals to literally cross our path were an army of leafcutter ants. We tracked them to their huge nest. We then trekked deeper into the wild through shoe-sucking mud until we finally met up with a troop of howler monkeys. They delighted us with their antics and loud communications with one another and with Nathan, our guide.

Written by Bill Toth, Amy Jordan, Lisa Garrison, Ernease Cuevas

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