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2003 Daily Journal

Raleigh to Miami to Belize Day One: Monday, July 14, 2003
Raleigh/Miami/Belize/Belize River

Meet the 2003 Team

We arrived safely in Belize City after a smooth four-hour flight from Raleigh with a layover in Miami. Our adventure began this afternoon at the Baboon Sanctuary in Bermudian Landing. We were within a few feet of a female black-headed trogon almost as soon as we walked in the forest. We also had close encounters with a "wish-willy" (a type of iguana) and leaf-cutter ants. We had a great time feeding cashew fruits and Cecropia leaves to a family of howler monkeys. They literally ate out of our hands. Log on tomorrow to find out more about our “Mystery Hike” planned for tonight at Warrie Head Lodge in Tea Kettle Village.

—Sandi, Carol, Angie and Nathan

Question of the day: Do you see the same kinds of animals there that we see in North Carolina? Answer

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