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Lyrics and music by Terry Anne Denny

The sun is just risin’ above the horizon,
Another new day has begun.
The first morning breeze is caressing the trees,
In a land where the bison still run.
And the birds sing their songs in the morning
Where the carpets of bright flowers grow,
And the waterfalls gleam from the rivers that stream
As the warm days bring melting of snow.

While dewdrops still glisten, just take time to listen,
A wolf cry still hangs in the air.
In the lake a reflection of nature’s perfection,
Where you might find the tracks of a bear.
All around hear the bees and the crickets
And the honking of geese as they’ve flown,
The forest was kissed by the cool morning mist
In this glorious place, Yellowstone.

Where the geysers reach up to the sky
In a land where the eagles still fly.

The elk sound their call when the leaves start to fall
While hot springs still bubble with steam.
The cold winds that blow bring the white winter snow,
Shining silver beneath the moon beam.
There is beauty to find through the seasons,
When all nature is left on its own.
There is no place so grand as this beautiful land,
In this wonderful place, Yellowstone.
In this wonderful place, Yellowstone.