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2010 Daily Journal

June 16, 2010

Rainbow in LamarToday was another early start as we headed to Lamar. Once again we saw lots of wildlife and added some new species to our list: a juvenile Bald Eagle and a Moose! David presented his expert talk on Cliff Swallows as we watched them bring mud to build their gourd-shaped nests underneath the overhang of the pit toilet. There was a light drizzle and as the sun peeked through the clouds a rainbow arched over the valley, which was dotted with roaming Bison. It was a beautiful sight.

Mother OwlWe met up with Dan Hartman, naturalist and renowned photographer. He took us down the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway to a mountainside where there was an owl nest he's been watching. He led us through the forest and Liz spotted the first of two fledgling Great Gray Owls. We moved into an adjacent meadow and saw the mother owl! Great Gray Owls are the largest North American owl, as evidenced by the 3-inch long pellet Dan found on the ground.

The afternoon was rainy, so we took a little down time to recover from all these 5 am mornings!

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